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With more than twenty years of sales and marketing experience, and enough creativity to see that the clearest route to success might just be the most dynamic, Rande has been called on to consult and work with companies across the nation (Yamaha, Avid, InMusic, and Fender, to name a few). Driven by a passion for connecting people, guided by clear, intelligent, analytic-driven strategy, and always aware of the greater social good, Rande has aligned himself with like-minded individuals and companies who share his vision and high ideals. Also, he loves to play guitar. 

In a world of ever-changing algorithms and tech, Rande and his team just might be your ideal partner when it comes to small business SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Lead Generation. 

Who is Rande Vick?


RVA Marketing and SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
For many SMB’s, this is the ground floor. SEO for small business speaks to how easily you are found on the World Wide Web. Online shoppers are prone to look for the top spots on Google. You're going to want to be listed where they are searching! The most beautiful part is that SEO for small business has an average ROI of 275%. And what's more, your competitors are likely paying for it as well... Let us help. We work our charms by building great content (copy, images, video), making some fundamental tweaks, and casting magic spells. Patent pending.


SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media for Business is more than posting pictures of your fancy-schmancy lunch. The right SMM strategy targets your ideal customers and shows them glimpses of how amazing life will be if they just had that one LAST guitar in their collection… There is a whole psychology and process to Social Media - right down to posting at the optimized time. Our social experts can help get this process rolling. When done right, Social Media Marketing can result in more calls, more leads, and most importantly, more business.


Content Creation 

Perhaps more than any other industry, MI and retail customers LOVE videos. “How to play Tom Dooley”, “How to tune a fish”, “Watch me unbox my latest gadget”, “Watch some dude give a proper review of something high-tech” - all perfect examples of how consumers spend their time… Why wouldn’t video marketing be a sharp focus for your business? The stats are in, and we know that in 2020 85% of all internet users are scoping out Video Content - and 54% of them want more! We used to say that Video was the marketing tool of the future - but the future has arrived. It’s time for your hovercraft.

Email Marketing

Welcome to the new age, right? Let me tell you something about old-fashioned email that’ll blow your hipster socks back into the cartoon they came from: 81% of small businesses count on email marketing as their primary customer acquisition channel. 80% of SMB’s rely on it for customer retention. And these numbers are only projected to climb over the next half decade. It may be an old trick, but there are new tools that put this medium to work to grow you by considerable means. The ROI is encouraging, too. Stuff that in your Mail Chimp and sit on it!


Blog Posts

It’s amazing how many SMB’s pass on the copy. A well researched, SEO enriched blog post written by an expert copywriter can be an amazing asset for at least three reasons:

  1. It boosts you in the SERPs. Googles algorithms are wicked smaht. They intelligently look beneath the simple keywords a person might search, and get to the intent of the search. Then they match it with the best content on the web to get them the answer or information they are looking for. A good blog boosts broadens the chances of you showing up in a meaningful way.

  2. It sets you up as a thought leader or expert in your industry. Maybe you have no need for accolades and such, but your online customers want to know who they can trust. Not every online shopper - and especially not the best of them - are shopping for bottom line pricing. People are willing to pay for good service and a trustworthy authority in the market. A well-written blog gives you that kind of credibility.

  3. Need a reason for a touchpoint? “Hey Mr. Customer, I see that you clicked on my ad for that really cool 24 bit, 192khz interface I ran on FB. I just wrote a blog on the top 3 recording solutions for 2020, and I think you’d really find it enlightening.” Send. Zip. Bang. Ca-ching.


Consulting and Strategizing 

Need a second set of eyes to look over your new marketing plan? Have an important product launch, and you’d like some one-time help putting something spectacular together? Feel like you’re stuck in a rut, and you really desire to step the company up a notch? We’re here for all of that and more. 

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