Mightier Brands are both Badass and Barefaced. They are Honest and Heroic. They are Unambiguous and Unapologetically Unique. We have built our own brand on these principles, and we own them to our core. This is why our partners trust us to bring life and a bit of magic to their Brand Stories.  
Rande Vick Agency Builds Mightier Brands

What does it look like when you hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agencies work in different ways, and utilize different strategies. When you work with the Rande Vick Agency, you have a few options. 

☑️Hire us for a single project.
For example, you hire us to design and build a website. 

☑️Hire us on retainer.

For example, you hire us to work with you on several projects over time, to accomplish a big goal (improve SEO, grow social reach, increase brand awareness, etc). You pay us for a predetermined amount of hours per month.

☑️Hire us on a hybrid basis. 

Many of our clients started by hiring us to design a website, but then kept us on retainer afterward to grow their site traffic.

☑️Hire us as a consulting partner.

Whether you are about to launch a new product, or need to drum up new ideas for an existing business, we're just a call away. 

Whatever works for your goals, strategies, and budgets, we'd be honored to work on you. 


With more than twenty years of sales and marketing experience, and enough creativity to see that the clearest route to success might just be the most dynamic, Rande has been called on to consult and work with companies across the nation (YamahaAvidInMusic, and Fender, to name a few). Driven by a passion for connecting people, guided by clear, intelligent, analytic-driven strategy, and always aware of the greater social good, Rande has aligned himself with like-minded individuals and companies who share his vision and high ideals. Also, he loves to play guitar. 

In a world of ever-changing algorithms and tech, Rande and his team just might be your ideal partner when it comes to small business SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Lead Generation. 

Rande Vick Agency Brand Experts

Rande has gone above and beyond to provide not only quality work, but personal service as well. I have trusted Rande with My Dog training business website, our church website and all of our social media needs. No regrets.

— Sam S., Owner / Pastor
Alpha Dog Training
Genesis Church

yoda smash.jpg

RVA knocked it out of the park for us and you matched everything to our business, we get so many compliments. I know we made the perfect choice going with Rande!

Thank you again for everything!  

— Tiffany, Owner,
Sisters Sweet Delights