Did you know that Facebook boasts an active user base of 2.89 billion? Youtube is just below that, and Instagram is growing at light speed, as well. Hot trends heading into 2022 include solid growth in social selling, even more granular level ad targeting, and an increase in consumer engagement. If you are not utilizing these tools to their greatest extent, you are missing opportunities to get your brand story in front of your ideal audience. Don't miss out! Let us introduce you.

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Case Study: Styles Music

Styles Music has been a community music store in Pomona, California since the late 70's. Outliving dozens of other music stores, and surviving two Big Box locations that have popped up nearby, they needed to improve the mindshare of their long time customers, as well as get in front of the next generation.

They hired us to do just that. We developed a social media strategy to focus on Branding, and their brand is all about curating a growing community of musicians and music lovers.

Creating videos, ads, and organic posts to that end, we have increased awareness, sales, and are currently working on a way to connect like minded musicians in their local area. 

Sales are up by 8%. Foot traffic has increased. We've growing their email list by over 50%. And we have plans to go bigger in 2022.

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The Right Strategy.

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What are your goals? Local traffic or global domination? Sell more, or simply be seen more? Do you want to drive traffic to your website, funnel, or grow your email list? There are a host of questions that will need to be answered before we come up with the right strategy for your particular case. Social Media Marketing is at once nuanced and unique as well as broad and wide. How we fine tune the perfect strategy for you only depends on the magic you want to create.Once we have clear cut goals worked out, we'll get to work formulating a plan to execute on. This plan might go beyond Social Media, and incorporate SEO, landing pages, promotions and offers. The sky's the limit. But there is no "cookie cutter" mold that works for everyone. Trust a specialist to help grow your brand!