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Breakthrough Intensive

This is where we start. Schedule a consultation with us. 

This can be done over a Zoom call, or in-person.

During this time, we will ask a lot of open-ended questions with the intent to get to know your business, goals, challenges, and your ideal audience. 

We will assess the state of your brand health, and determine a proper diagnosis. 

This first step digs deep, and clients have often mentioned that they come away from our conversation with new clarity and ideas. And that is exactly what this is - a clarification process.


After our interview, our team will sit down to go over the assessment and diagnosis. Taking in all of the discovery and insights, we will send you a one-page treatment plan to improve the life and vitality of your brand.


Simple. Fast. Affordable.


Brand Strategy Sessions
The next step is much more comprehensive. 

Booked in 3 sessions and entailing multiple exercises, these workshops are designed with your whole leadership team in mind. Our strategy sessions are at once team-building and produce ownership of the brand across all the key members of an organization. Your team, optimized.

Session one will cover Breakthrough 
Basics - purpose, mission, vision, values and alignment.

Session two will cover your audience and competition. We will have an honest look at where your brand sits in the current market and how we can position for maximum benefit moving forward.

Session three is all about implementation and roll out. Your brand story is ready to be told!

These sessions can take place at our studio in Upland, California or in a corporate retreat setting. 

The deliverables include a brand guide, story outline, and an intensive strategy guide to follow for success.

  • Brand Strategy
    Every successful brand is born out of strategy. Firebrands don't just happen. They are strategized, coordinated, and implemented with a lot of work and planning. We'll run your goals, values, and badassery through our proprietary framework and deliver your Firebrand Strategy in all of its glory. Here is a list of the nine components that we utilize for crafting an effective brand strategy: Brand Purpose Brand Vision Brand Values Target Audience Market Analysis Awareness Goals Brand Personality Brand Voice Brand Tagline We build your brand strategy around your vision, goals, and dreams. But the clear intention is getting your Brand Story in front of your Ideal Audience to increase Brand Awareness, Sales, and Solve Problems.
  • Storytelling
    Brand storytelling is a powerful tool that can drive engagement, foster loyalty, differentiate your brand, enhance your content strategy, build trust, and boost your visibility online. And it's a critical component of any modern business strategy and can have a significant impact on your bottom line. But most businesses don't know how to craft or tell their stories, so they end up leaving money on the table. Learn about the power of story, and how it can make your business a powerhouse. At Rande Vick Agency, we can help you craft your unique experience - and tell it to your ideal audience!
  • SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)
    SEO is the art and science of making your brand findable to search engines. It's at the heart of what we do to connect your Brand to your Audience. So we spend a lot of time researching and studying keywords that work, implementing those words strategically into your content, and testing the results for success. SEO is of the utmost importance. What good is a beautifully designed website if no one can find it?!
  • Custom Design
    A strong Firebrand utilizes design to forge their values into visuals. This includes having a recognizable logo, a storytelling website, and printed materials that show what you're all about. Your site is the centerpiece of your digital marketing endeavors. Don't use a template. And unless you have a keen eye for design, don't DIY this. Your ideal audience is making snap judgements the second your page loads, and if it looks unprofessional, well... Is your business legitimate? Does it wear its values on its sleeve? Does your site express who you are? Often times, your website will offer the first impression of your business to a potential client or customer. At RVA, we love good design. And we love matching design with your values, your story, and your unique value proposition. And we love doing it.
  • Social Media Marketing
    SEO finds people who are searching for your products and services. You website is your home on the web. But Social Media Marketing is like wearing a billboard at a party. It finds people where they are! Good social media marketing gets the word out about who you are. But great social media marketing builds community around your brand. Let us help you build your brand on social media.

How we'll do it:

What Clients Say

Rande Vick Agency Brand Lift for Alpha Dog Training

"Rande has gone above and beyond to provide not only quality work, but personal service as well. I have trusted Rande with My Dog training business website, our church website and all of our social media needs. No regrets."

— Sam S., Owner / Pastor
Alpha Dog Training
Genesis Church

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