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Working as part of a brand agency requires great communication, research and organizational skills. This comprehensive guide will help you learn what it takes to get started in this exciting field, so that you can join the ranks of many successful professionals who deliver tangible results for their clients.

When entering the brand agency industry it’s important to assess what skills you have that can extend beyond just a job role. The most successful professionals in this industry have a combination of creativity, critical thinking, innovation and research abilities. What sets you apart from other applicants? Think about any specialties or experience you bring to the table, as well as any additional skills that may not be required for the job but will offer great value for the work you do.

Careers at RVA

We're always looking for talented marketers and strategists to lend their talents to our team. In particular, if you're a strong Social Media Manager, an Analytics Mastermind, or a Google Ads Guru, we'd love to hear from you. We're also always interested in copywriters who can work in a plethora of industries.

At current, our team works as independent contractors and by the project.

If you're a freelancing expert with a penchant for making your clients happy, you might be a great fit. 

Please send your resume here. We'll keep it on file and call you as projects arise.

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