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My second-grade teacher made us memorize short poems and recite them every week. I hated it. Mostly because I was unduly shy, and the dread of standing in front of the judgemental eyes of 29 seven-year-olds is enough to frighten the hardest of men. At any rate, what I didn't realize then was that memorizing the classics ended up giving me a life-long love affair with words on paper.

I started writing poems and songs and stories. I saw how people are moved, persuaded, and challenged by words. I learned that choosing words wisely is when wisdom works its wonders. I was hooked. 

And then, I found my way with words has a place in the center of business storytelling that moves the needle, so to speak. So that is what I do. I move the needle with words. If you'd like to see how I have listed some samples of my content below.


A brief Linkedin Article about the benefits and features of Steinberg's UR line of Audio Interfaces.

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Long-form content on the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Music Equipments

A Christmas email that converts? Who'd have thunk it!
This one blew away open rates and sell-through expectations.  

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Product Copy for Audio Production Software on the  Audio MIDI Plus site.

Stained Glass

Copy for Genesis Community Church, part of the rebranding and web design they needed. 

Man Working

Scaler2Schedule asked for a blog post about what they were calling SEO 2.0 back in the day. A simple post about the need for proper SEO in online business.

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