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Refine Your Brand Strategy, Grow An Empire

Updated: Mar 19

A small business (according to the SBA, generally a company with fewer than 1,500 employees and less than 38.5 million in annual receipts) is a challenging endeavor. There are so many hats to wear, so many bases to cover. No support groups. 🤔

You might sell real estate, musical instruments, or perhaps you're a service-based business. As an owner, you have worn all the hats from time to time; buyer, sales manager, human resources, shopkeep, bookkeeper (ugh), developer, or even litigator. You are obsessed with providing the best product, and you are building your list of prospects and clients simultaneously.

Maybe you are or have been the marketing manager.

In a world where marketing takes the proverbial backseat due to the absolute busyness of business, business owners soon realize that someone else is sliding into your customer's DM's and making them an offer they can't refuse.

You're losing market share to a more prominent brand if you're not actively marketing.

46% of American consumers would likely pay more to buy a product from a trusted brand. ~ Tech Report

We've researched what some of the most successful brands are doing in the new era to gain customer loyalty. Want to know the secrets?

  • Stop measuring demographics. Start identifying customer values.

  • Stop marketing at people. Start journeying with them.

  • Stop building a following. Start building relationships.

The difference between a small business and a Mightier Brand is that the latter has a comprehensive plan to align Values, Victories, Virtues, and Visuals. A Mightier Brand unifies Strategy, SEO, Designs, Social Media Marketing, and Copywriting into

Content that delivers your Brand Promise to your Ideal Audience.

Identify their values—journey with them. Start building better relationships.

If your business has a social media star, you are one step ahead. But if that social media star doesn't know to live your brand promise, she may not be delivering your Brand Promise. Or, if he hasn't done the work to identify the values of your audience, he may be providing the message to people who don't want to hear about it. If the Social is on point but doesn't align with the SEO or Design, then your strategy is not unified, and your results are a mixed message.

To earn trust, build authenticity, and become an authority, it takes the hard work of unifying all of your efforts. Anything less is fighting with an arm tied behind your back.

We have worked with big brands and small businesses alike. Our specialty is in closing the gap. We turn small companies into Mightier Brands. Each case is different, and every business is unique, but we've got you when you're ready.

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