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3 Steps to Grow Your Social Media Community

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Growing a garden takes careful planning, research, care and old fashioned hard work. Why do we think we can grow a community around our brand with some trendy widgets and have overnight success?

Grow your Social Media Community

In my experience as a sales and marketing executive, I have found that there are 3 kinds of small business managers out there:

  1. The folks that keep on doing what they’ve always done, keeping success at bay, because they have a predictable model that pays the bills, and they don’t want to risk anything to uncertainty.

  2. Next, there are the people that are falling for the ads - constantly trying something new, jumping on the latest trends and having some initial success, but then watching it fizzle - as fads always do. They likely spend a ton of money doing this, minimizing their ROI - not to mention the time spent on research and "courses."

  3. Finally, there are the ones who understand that success isn’t about archaic practices, or trendy one-shot gurus who are constantly selling their tactics as strategy, as if they’d REALLY give away their trade secrets in an ebook…

These are the people who understand - they are prudent and wise from years of experience - that success is really about passion, a little elbow grease, and a lot of patience. Yea, I said it. The P word. Overnight success might be a thing, but typically it’s a perception, and in reality takes preparation, trial, error, and hitting the drawing board for the 17th time… You know what is “a thing,” Tried and true? Let’s apply these 3 steps to your Social Media strategy. Here are three ways to build your efficacy.

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1. Compassionate Concern - more than your ability to “Walk a mile” in a consumers shoes - this is about the desire to find or create products and / or services that really help people solve a problem. Beyond selling widgets, Compassionate Concern is about real solutions, not your bottom line or GMROI (but trust the process, these works together, and are perfectly compatible).

2. Quality Content - shockingly good copy - that perfect image that enrapture the imagination - eye-popping video that makes you stop your scroll… Remember, in good marketing, Content is KING. Do you sell guitars? The right picture of that new Les Paul captured at dusk as the sunsets and reflects in those gorgeous folds of a perfect maple-top flame? SOLD! Take your time and do it right. Your goal: blow minds with Quality Content.

3. Third, and key is this: Categorical Consistency. Commit to post on Instagram or Facebook 2-3 times a week, at minimum. Once a day if you can. More if you're using Stories and Reels. Make sure your posts inspire your audience. Keep themes - like 'Mondays are for Memes' - invite your people to post their funniest memes, 'Two for Tuesday' (think BOGOHO!), have a 'Hump Day Special' on your service or subscription. How about 'Thursday for Hersday' if you are promoting a Day Spa or Cosmetics? Friday Goes Live. Do a Live video asking your people about their weekend plans, or invite them to post about their weekend gigs. Show off something new while you’re add it. Put these on your calendar, and do not waver.

For further thinking:

Stop thinking in terms of “prospects” or even “potential customers.” Start referring to them as your people. Ask yourself, how can I help my people? Maybe its a product, or service. Maybe it's a little bit of humor in these trying times. Whatever it is, take your Compassionate Concern and turn it into something of value. This will become your Quality Content. Now, write out your calendar, and be accountable to it. Be realistic, but challenge yourself: Post your Quality Content on your Social Media platforms at least 2-3 times a week. Test it for 30-60 days, and make adjustments according to your successes and where you fall short. Watch your engagement and your page-likes grow - which will slowly and steadily grow your community into a group of Champions who value your business. Try it. Let me know how it works! Let’s GO!

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