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The Top 7 Social Media Sites For Your Business

Updated: Feb 23

After two years of feeling disconnected and isolated due to the global pandemic, it's worth taking a look at the social media landscape as it pertains to your business once again. After all, a locked-down world took to the internet in droves to feel some kind of human connection, and more times than not, that meant chatting it up with high school chums or arguing politics with perfect strangers to get some sort of adrenaline pumping through the ole veins. The need to feel alive has never felt more essential.

Social Media, for better or worse, has more users now than ever. And more and more, people rely on it to get their neurotransmitters sparking doses of dopamine every day.

So what has changed? What are the emerging trends? Where should you consider investing your time, attention, and dollars for the most ROI?

Let's dig in.

Most people probably get the basic demographics without diving into much data. Facebook is the largest (boasting 2.91 billion active users), with the largest group being men in the 25-34 age bracket. 56% of Facebook’s active users are men. Facebook is still the behemoth, but growth has slowed to a trickle.

Having said that, the number one fastest demographic that is growing on Facebook is the 65+ crowd. Facebook is known as the best social platform for local marketing, community building, advertising, and, hold your breath... Conversion. Yep. I said it.

  • Number of monthly active users: 2.91 billion

  • Largest age group: 25-34 (31.5%)

  • Gender: 43% female, 57% male (no data on other genders)

  • Time spent per day: 33 minutes

Next up is FB's little sister, Instagram. Insta has slowly been sneaking up over the past few years, and now can boast an active user base of 2 billion. Instagram does well with younger users (from 18-34 making over half of the active base), and an almost equal split between men and women.

One of the best-kept secrets is that Instagram has become a power house for Social Ecommerce. If you're posting on Instagram, you may have noticed that it's easier to build a following than other platforms. The science says 36% of its users regularly follow brands, compared to Facebooks 19%.

  • Number of monthly active users: 2 billion

  • Largest age group: 25-34 (31.2%), with 18-24 close behind at 31%

  • Gender: 48.4% female, 51.8% male

  • Time spent per day: 29 minutes

TikTok is the elephant in the room. TikTok is easy to ignore if you're of a certain age, but a prudent business marketer should not sleep on it. It's bustling, and has stolen the "hip" factor from Instagram. With over a billion users (and exploding growth), this one is for the ladies. 61% female, the average user spends about 90 minutes a day scrolling. And we're seeing Influencers claiming their stakes now, so it looks to have staying power.

You should consider marketing on TikTok if you can produce high quality video content that is entertaining (60% of users say they're there for the funsies!). In contrast, TikTok says that about half of their most popular videos have a strong emotional drive to them. So, think relatable and authentic here.

  • Number of monthly active users: 1 billion

  • Largest age group: 10-19 (25%)

  • Gender: 61% female, 39% male

  • Time spent per day: 89 minutes per day