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How Some Brands Strike Gold by Standing Out (Differentiation)

Updated: May 16

Are Differentiation and Distinctiveness enough? Let's find inspiration from these brands:

Strike Gold by Differentiation
“You cannot create any originality while acting with the herd, because the herd you are in wants uniformity, not differentiation! Originality only becomes possible when you stand out from the herd.” ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

In one of our recent articles, "Differentiate. Be Distinctive, and Stand Out from the Crowd," we explored the power of differentiation in building a strong brand. Today, let's dive into real-world examples of professional service businesses that have carved out unique spaces and achieved success.

Case Study 1: Championing Social Justice - Glaser Weil LLP

Law firms often prioritize billable hours and corporate clients. Glaser Weil LLP breaks the mold by dedicating significant resources to pro bono work and social justice initiatives.  

Differentiation Strategy:

  • Social Impact Focus: They dedicate a significant portion of their practice to pro bono work, tackling issues like racial justice and environmental protection.

  • Commitment to Community: They actively participate in community outreach programs and initiatives, building trust and fostering positive relationships.

Lessons Learned: While legal expertise is essential, a professional service business can differentiate itself by demonstrably giving back to the community and championing critical social causes. Glaser Weil LLP demonstrates the power of aligning your brand with a higher purpose that resonates with your target audience.

You can find more about Glaser Weil LLP on their website:

Case Study 2: Unboring Tax Prep - XY Planning

Tax preparation can be a tedious task. XY Planning flips the script by offering a personalized and engaging experience. 

Differentiation Strategy:

  • Tech-Savvy Approach: They leverage technology to streamline the tax prep process, allowing them to focus on client education and financial planning.

  • Financial Wellness Focus: They go beyond basic tax prep, offering ongoing financial planning and coaching to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Lessons Learned: Embracing technology and focusing on a broader value proposition beyond core services can differentiate your professional service business. XY Planning demonstrates how to make a traditionally dull service more engaging and client-centric. Learn more about XY Planning on their website:

Case Study 3: The Therapy App with a Twist - Talkspace

Therapy can feel intimidating and inaccessible. Talkspace tackles this by offering online therapy services that are convenient and affordable.  

Differentiation Strategy:

  • Accessibility: They provide online therapy via text messaging and video chat, making accessing mental health services easier.

  • Convenience and Flexibility: They offer flexible scheduling options and competitive pricing, removing common barriers to therapy.

Lessons Learned: Recognizing unmet needs within your industry and offering solutions that address those needs can be a powerful differentiator. Talkspace's success story showcases how a professional service can leverage technology to increase accessibility and convenience for clients. You can find out more about Talkspace on their website:

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Key Takeaways:

These are just a few examples of how professional service businesses can differentiate themselves. Remember:

  • Know your niche: Deeply understand your ideal client and their specific needs.

  • Develop a unique brand voice: Don't be afraid to inject personality and make your brand stand out.

  • Focus on client experience: Build relationships and make interactions positive and memorable.

Following these tips and learning from others' success can transform your professional service business into a brand that rises above the noise.

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